Thai Massage: Revitalize Your Body with Flexibility and Relaxation

Thai Massage: Revitalize Your Body with Flexibility and Relaxation

Thai Massage promotes relaxation, flexibilities and a greater flow of energy. It incorporates yoga stretching actions, acupressure and compression.

The majority of people feel comfortable and relaxed after their treatment. It is nevertheless important to be aware of how your body responds to treatment. Consult a medical professional if symptoms continue.

Flexible and relaxed

Mobility of joints is not just dependent on flexibility but also the shape and position of the bones inside the joint and also the condition of the tendons, ligaments and the other joint structures them. If these joints become stiff, they hinder the flow of energy that circulates vital prana through the body. In turn, the reduced energy flow impacts your posture, organ functions and your balance.

Thai Massage is a full body session that incorporates dynamic moving, stretching, and manipulation that increase flexibility and improve mobility. It allows the practitioner to reach places that are difficult to reach when using other techniques of massage.

Apart from a greater mobility and flexibility In addition, a Thai Massage session helps to relieve stress and tension. Its rhythmic and soothing moves create a connection between the mind and body which allows the person to relax and let go. The calm state of mind can relieve chronic pain like headaches and backaches.

Thai massage has many benefits

Thai Massage is a very efficient treatment for a variety of common ailments. The massage helps to relieve neck and back pain. it improves posture and reduces depression and anxiety. In addition, it increases energy and blood flow. Additionally, it helps to treat fatigue that is chronic and improves sporting performance.

Thai massage is an amalgamation with acupressure, stretching and energy work, with the practitioner employing their hands (thumbs hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and, sometimes, feet) to create compression as well as pulling and rocking. The client remains fully clothed and laid on a mat.

Sen is the word used for invisible energy lines that flow along your body, according to Thai ancient medicine. Based on the ancient Thai medical system, these energy lines circulate vital life force energy through the body and drive all physical and mental processes. When the channels for energy flow are blocked, they cause irritation and even disease. Massaging along these key energy lines can break down blockages in energy and boosts flow of healing energy. This helps to balance and harmonise the body’s yin and yang energies.

Thai Massage Techniques

Additionally to stretching the body, and relaxing stress, Thai Massage can also regulate energy flow. The theory behind it is that the body has invisible pathways called Sen (similar to the way blood vessels transfer essential nutrients through the body). If these lines get unblock, diseases and illnesses can occur.

It involves assisted stretching joints, joint rotations, as well as the use of hands, feet or elbows. It also involves knuckles, elbows or fingers. Practitioners can also be taught how to “palpate’ (touch) the body on the Sen lines. It’s a process which is believed to facilitate a free flow of life energy and help maintain a healthy energetic balance.

Some say that this therapy, which dates back 2,500 years, is based on the principle of Metta also known as Loving Kindness. This is the core philosophy behind every session and can be seen in the compassionate character of the practitioners. Vitality Float Spa therapists are trained to give massages using an awareness of the client, which promotes the state of relaxation.

Thai Massage best massage Hoi An Origins and Philosophy

The history of Thai Massage dates back some 2500 years. The influence of the spiritual aspect of Thai Massage is an amalgamation of Buddhist, Ayurvedic and Indigenous Pagan Thai influences. The method was taught primarily via word of mouth and continues to be a holistic approach that treats the body, mind and soul as one.

According to ancient Buddhist writings, the doctor who developed Thai massage was one of the doctors from northern India. He is also known by the name of Jivaka Komarpaj and Shivago Komparaj. This doctor is considered to be the founder of many treatments for massage and herbal methods, and it’s tradition to offer a prayer to him before every treatment of the traditional Thai massage.

The premise of this ancient healing system is that invisible channels of energy known as “sen” run throughout the body and are similar to Chinese meridians as well as Indian nadis. According to the theory, when the channels become restricted or stagnant an emotional or physical imbalance might occur.